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7th Ave Button Down

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The Statement

Interestingly the button down collar owes its origins to the game of polo. It was invented to ensure that the flaps of the collars did not fly in the faces of polo players while they were galloping around. From a practical invention, to a fashion statement, this American invention has come a long way.

Style Tip

Rule no 1 - Always button your button-downs. It’s quite a fashion faux pas otherwise. While traditionally considered a formal collar - to be worn to work with a small knot tie - at Vitruvien, we hold that over time it has crossed the line to being a casual collar. We prefer it for our casual fabrics, but surely do not look down upon it as a formal option.


2 3/4" collar points, 1 11/16" rear collar height, 1 3/16" front collar band height, 9/16” tie gap, 3 1/8” spread.

About 7th Ave Series

Named after the Fashion Avenue of New York – the 7th Avenue, this series contains some of our best selling collars. With the front collar band height at 1 3/16 inches, the height our 7th Ave collars hits the sweet spot - neither too short, nor too tall. As a result it suits men with both tall & short necks.

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