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7th Ave Cutaway

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The Statement

This collar is best reserved for those who’d dare being slightly unconventional at work. With collar tips that are spaced wider apart than usual, this collar suits men with long faces; its spread naturally balancing the accentuated vertical lines of the face.

Style Tip

Did we mention this collar looks dashing under a wedding suit? At Vitruvien we dig this collar for our evening wear fabrics. If you wear it to work, pair it with a double knot tie. Avoid the soft collared casual look with this collar. We believe this collar looks great with a stiff finish.


2 3/4" collar points, 1 3/4" rear collar height, 1 3/16" front collar band height, 5/16” tie gap, 5 3/8” spread.

About 7th Ave Series

Named after the Fashion Avenue of New York – the 7th Avenue, this series contains some of our best selling collars. With the front collar band height at 1 3/16 inches, the height our 7th Ave collars hits the sweet spot - neither too short, nor too tall. As a result it suits men with both tall & short necks.

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