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7th Ave Extreme

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The Statement

Now here’s a collar you will not find off the rack (save in a few luxury stores). With a spread that almost runs parallel to the floor, this collar is not for everyone. David Beckham can sport it with panache, but man with a rounder face may not do justice to it. We leave it to you to decide.

Style Tip

If you dare, wear it to work with a double knot tie and a great tailored suit. Searching for a dressy collar for a formal dinner do? There are few more stylish than the 7th Ave Extreme. Some may endorse a soft collared look with this collar, but we at Vitruvien are not fans of pairing it with casual fabrics.


3 3/8" collar points, 1 3/4" rear collar height, 1 3/16" front collar band height, 3/16” tie gap, 6 5/8” spread.

About 7th Ave Series

Named after the Fashion Avenue of New York – the 7th Avenue, this series contains some of our best selling collars. With the front collar band height at 1 3/16 inches, the height our 7th Ave collars hits the sweet spot - neither too short, nor too tall. As a result it suits men with both tall & short necks.

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