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7th Ave Point

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The Statement

The all-traditional Point collar has been a wardrobe staple ever since the shirt collar was invented. With its narrow points, the collar gives a visually slimming effect making it best suited for men with a round face.

Style Tip

Perfect for medium-small tie knots, this collar is best worn to work under a corporate suit. Hunting for a great collar to go with a casual fabric you’d love to wear? A classic collar with a soft fusing is a good bet. At Vitruvien, we consider this style a bit formal for a party, so give this a skip at the bar.


2 3/4" collar points, 1 11/16" rear collar height, 1 3/16" front collar band height, 9/16” tie gap, 3 1/8” spread.

About 7th Ave Series

Named after the Fashion Avenue of New York – the 7th Avenue, this series contains some of our best selling collars. With the front collar band height at 1 3/16 inches, the height our 7th Ave collars hits the sweet spot - neither too short, nor too tall. As a result it suits men with both tall & short necks.

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