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Parisian Button Down

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The Statement

Casual and trendy, this mini button down collar is a great way to dress down for the weekends. With the minimalistic style in vogue, this stylish collar is quite popular at Vitruvien. This collar looks great on short men or men with short necks.

Style Tip

This collar is best worn without a tie. It goes equally well for a weekend getaway as it does for an evening at the pub. Give this is skip at work and during formal occasions that require dressy attire.


1 3/4" collar points, 1 1/2" rear collar height, 15/16" front collar band height, 9/16” tie gap, 2” spread.

About Parisian Series

What better an inspiration than Paris for our most avant-garde series of collars! With a front collar band height at approximately 7/8 inches and proportionately reduced collar points, this series forms our mini collar range, currently our shortest collar option. These minimalistic collars are best worn by men with short necks. Short men may find that this collar suits them well. Skip the tie with this chic collar series.

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