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Smarten Up with Formal Shirts from Vitruvien

From a crucial board meeting to an important business conference, your workspace is one place where your appearance matters as much as your performance. Enter any meeting or presentation donning your formal best and grab the keen attention of everyone present.

Formal shirts make you look stylish and sophisticated, but you also run the risk of getting absorbed by a sea of office-goers, who all seem to be wearing the same clothes in similar shades. Break away from this monotony of and spruce up your work wardrobe with custom-made formal shirts from Vitruvien.

Indeed, our bespoke formal wear can make you stand out no matter where you go. Here are some mundane situations in which you may work your magic.

Baron of the Boardroom: Cool, calm and collected. Command attention and admiration at any business conference with your refined formal attire. Turn heads with the stunning combination of a crisp shirt in pristine white or classic blue, paired with a timeless double-breasted suit and matching tie. Our shirts are made from luxurious Egyptian Giza cotton fabric to ramp up your style quotient.

Gentleman of the Gala: Exude charm in your custom-made formal shirts at any corporate gathering. Match a pale lilac Vitruvien shirt with a dashing navy suit and tie to impress at a formal party. Personalize every detail of your shirt, from the collar and sleeves to the cuffs and the buttons, so that your apparel mirrors the finesse and flair of your persona.

Perfect Presenter: Make your pitch confidently, dressed in chic business attire from our collection. Roll up the sleeves of your elegant striped shirt and put on a grey waistcoat to deliver your oration in style. Order your custom-made formal shirt from Vitruvien to avoid the discomfiture typical of ill-fitting readymade shirts.

Debonair Dude: Enhance your wardrobe with dapper pastel shades and elegant patterns for the perfect everyday look. Groom your daily work attire with the captivating combination of suave Chinese-collared shirts in soft shades or smart checks.

So, whether it is a high-profile presentation, a formal office party, or just another day at work, get it right with your bespoke formal shirt collection from Vitruvien.

Why buy custom shirts?

Off the rack is for the rest of the pack! And surely not for the customers of Vitruvien.

So whats the deal with custom shirts? For starters, the fit. Why settle for a little too short a sleeve or a little to baggy a shirt when this age of internet enables otherwise – when you can buy personalized shirts online? And then, the myriad customization options - from French cuffs, to Chinese collars to personalized shirt monograms. The world is your pallete, when it comes to tailor made shirts. And lastly, the finish. When your custom tailored shirt is hand cut with elegance, crafted with German & Japanese interlinings and produced under strict quality control, the result is likely to be close to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian perfection.

About Vitruvien’s made-to-measure shirts

Inspired by Da Vinci’s rendition of the perfect man, Vitruvien’s ambition is to blend art and science, fit and fashion to craft the perfect bespoke shirt for its customers. Hand cut from the finest Egyptian cotton fabrics, Vitruvien’s custom shirts are tailored to perfection using state of the art technology. Design your own tailor made shirt with innumerable styles to choose from. Personalize your shirt with a monogram and make it truly one in a million. And since it is custom – you can be rest assured that no matter what your size, we will always have your fit.