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No Matter What Your Size,
We Have Your Fit!

...Because we are online custom shirt makers

Design your own shirt from over 200 fabrics!
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Buy custom shirts online from the comfort of your home!

About custom sizing

At Vitruvien, we take the tailor out of equation and make custom sizing as simple as off-the-rack purchases. Explore our proprietary Body Measurement Wizard. From just three easy self-measurements (Chest, Stomach & Hip), and a few quick questions, we guess the rest of your measurements and ship your first custom shirt. For those who’d rather measure their best fitting shirt, they can do so by following our easy to use video guides. If you’re one of the fortunate few for whom standard sizes give a perfect fit well, you can simply select one on our site. Regardless of what measurement option you choose, we at Vitruvien store 22 measurements in our back end to ensure that you get the same fit – consistently.

And what’s more! For your first Vitruvien shirt you are covered by our Fit Guarantee. A great scheme, where you are insured against any measurement mistake that you may make.

So what are you waiting for? Shop custom now…

About Vitruvien

Inspired by Da Vinci’s rendition of the perfect man, Vitruvien’s ambition is to blend art and science, fit and fashion to craft the perfect bespoke shirt for its customers. Hand cut from the finest Egyptian cotton fabrics, Vitruvien’s custom shirts are tailored to perfection using state of the art technology. Design your own tailor made shirt with innumerable styles to choose from. Personalize your shirt with a monogram and make it truly one in a million.

With Vitruvien’s custom tailored shirts you are assured that we will never be out of stock with your size. Whether you are looking for skinny men shirt sizes, big & tall shirt sizes, plus size shirts or short men shirt sizes, it doesn’t matter. Large size shirts or king size shirts are now a few keystrokes away. And no mater what your size, Vitruvien will always have your fit.